Скачать the escapists 2 на телефон

Animals now appear bloody when struck! Endgame scene will now attempt to load again if the initial скачать the escapists 2 на телефон fails, which may occur if harddrive is under heavy load. Previously, stairs built in a circle could not be completed if you were standing in the circle, even if you did not intersect with the stairs.

Caves — Pass on Cave 1 holes and items placement. Fixed gun ammo respawning on client cache when loading. Fixed clients not seeing trapped fish in caves. Arrow and bone baskets can now be placed on tables!

Updated physics sfx on items in endgame area. Added new audio system for inside structures! Audio will now sound differently if you are inside a closed structure or not. Fixed marigold, aloe, coneflower and chicory not dropping their world pickup if you have too many in inventory and try to collect them. Arrows stuck into fishes and are now retrievable. New asset bundles for improved memory usage.

Fix weapon rack positions for Flare Guns, Flintlocks, Tennis Rackets, Katanas and Upgraded Spears. Fixed blood not being cleaned off weapons if they got bloody during rain. This patch introduces the new repair hammer. Previously you would simply press E to repair damaged structures, this now requires you to first craft the repair hammer, and then hammer away at structures to repair them. Arrows will now consistently stick into enemies and also should hit more accurately now. Once enemies are knocked down you are able to retrieve the arrows from them.

Seeing arrows stuck in some of the bigger creatures will also give you a better idea of how damaged they are. This should enable more encounters where multiple strategies are needed at the same time to deal with the different enemy types. If you mention the coordinate numbers when giving any bug reports about specific locations in the game world it will allow us to instantly find the area. New building: Large Log Holder ! Once placed, the ghost regular log holder can be toggled into a large holder. New building: Large Rock Holder ! Once placed, the ghost regular rock holder can be toggled into a large holder.