Nvidia geforce gtx 660 vs nvidia geforce gtx 660 ti

We put the 823 MHz 660 to the test against the 1 GHz 650 Ti Boost to find out which you should buy, the older Nvidia or the Generic. Nvidia geforce gtx 660 vs nvidia geforce gtx 660 ti game graphics are, even today, top notch, yet the game still runs well on most computers. Maximum clocks are similar to what we’ve seen on the original GTX 650 Ti, but the relative clock increase is smaller because the newer GTX 650 Ti Boost comes with higher clock speeds out of the box. Do you agree or disagree with GPUBoss?

Thanks for adding your opinion. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news! Gaming noise is much improved too, which should result in a really quiet gaming experience. Actually I own to of the evga 650ti boost superclocked editions and run them in sli, and they are absolutely a great performance per price gpu. I built a new intel rig, it being the first pc I have put together in a long time, and I did a nice higher quality build 4670k with 256ssd, 16 gb of ddr3 ram, etc. I originally had this graphics card from my father in laws pc he gave me.

It ran everything I played at high settings like a champ never getting to loud and or hot. I upgraded further and then got an ultra wide resolution IPS monitor. I upgraded to sli but before I did I played games on one card at the native res, being to lazy to adjust to normal hd. This card does surprisingly well with hitting high frequency speeds, around 1200 with just the normal fan in the card cooling.

I have at high to max with no real noticeable micro stuttering except when trying to play max on Battlefield 4 which is just more of the fact that it cannot handle reasonable fps on the setting. I would recommend this card to the budget builder seeing as this has gone down in price since the arrival of the 760, but for anyone wanting more future proof and whom plays more demanding titlessadly this card will not be enough for that unless in sli. I would recommend something more than a 660 for that just because of how demanding the games that are and will becoming out are. The 650 Ti Boost is listed as 2GB, yet the linked product is 2GB and discontinued. Страница 1 из 2 — Характеристики. Страница 2 из 2 — Тестирование. Три однопроцессорные карты: GTX 660 Ti, GTX 670 и GTX 680 плюс двухголовый GTX 690.

Как мы уже неоднократно отмечали, GK104 представляет собой GPU второй категории. Главное оружие NVIDIA, GK110, еще не появилось на поле боя. А так как референсный GTX 660 Ti производится на той же печатной плате, что и GTX 670, то можно сказать, что он фактически является облегченной версией последнего. У него более высокая производительность относительно флагмана, чем было у GTX 560 Ti, но и цена выше, так как GK104 довольно дорог в производстве. Можно было предположить, что тенденция продолжится и GTX 660 станет еще одной разновидностью той же карты на базе GK104. Не так давно NVIDIA без публичной огласки выпустила версию GTX 660 для OEM-производителей, и она действительно основана на GK104. На эту карту идут отбракованные кристаллы, в которых осталось еще меньше действующих вычислительных блоков, чем в GPU GTX 660 Ti: 1152 ядра CUDA, 96 текстурных блоков, 24 ROP против 1344 ядер CUDA, 112 текстурных блоков и 24 ROP у оригинальной 660 Ti.