Nvidia control panel скачать windows 7

Control Panel is NVIDIA’s next generation hardware control application that unlocks the award-winning features of NVIDIA drivers. The NVIDIA Control Panel was designed by NVIDIA’s dedicated user interface team to revolutionize software ease-of-use and ensure that set-up and configuration of your NVIDIA hardware has never been easier. Featuring innovative multimedia, application, and display management, as well as gaming features, the NVIDIA Control Panel ensures compatibility, stability, and reliability for all NVIDIA nvidia control panel скачать windows 7. Historically, NVIDIA’s Control Panel has contained a wealth of settings and adjustments for NVIDIA GPUs and MCPs.

In similar fashion, the NVIDIA Control Panel now applies the same depth of control to the rest of the core components within the system. Without ever leaving Windows or entering the BIOS users can optimize and adjust nearly every system component to minimize noise, increase stability, and maximize performance. New and improved task-driven user interface. Provides the ability to create or choose preconfigured profiles and rules to customize the circumstances under which different system settings get applied to maximize system stability and performance.

Allows the tracking of bus speeds, temperatures, voltages, and profile changes in a log file that may be imported to a spreadsheet application for in-depth analysis. An automated reporting tool captures all needed information to help you determine when problems may be happening to the system, and helps you troubleshoot. Temperatures, voltages, and bus speeds are now available as an «always-on-top» window with a transparency option so that it is visible at all times. Adjust motherboard voltage levels without a reboot, as well as dynamically control fan speeds. New option for temperature-based fan control. BIOS support and may not be available on all motherboard designs. NVIDIA Display Control Panel 6.

Можно использовать панель управления NVIDIA делать удивительные вещи с оборудовании NVIDIA. NVIDIA PhysX — мощный физический движок, который позволяет реального времени физики в передней кромке PC и консольных игр. NVIDIA обновление сохраняет ваш ПК курсе последних драйверов NVIDIA, сообщая вам, когда доступен новый драйвер и направляя вам драйвера на www. NVIDIA HD Audio Driver 1. Драйвер аудио высокой четкости для NVIDIA устройств. NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver 388.

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