Amd radeon rx 550 2gb

The Radeon RX 550 replaces AMD’s lowest-end add-in cards. It’s about time, too, since the previous models were amd radeon rx 550 2gb on 2013-era GPUs. What are you looking for? The company says RX 550 is 1080p-capable in a number of popular e-sports games, adding that the product’s compact dimensions and low power also endear it to home-theater PCs.

That’s an incredibly important price point. Can Radeon RX 550 carve out a spot on the list of Tom’s Hardware-approved upgrades by serving up viable performance for less money than some of our past picks? AMD’s older Radeon RX 460 wields 896 Stream processors. The just-announced Radeon RX 560 bumps that to 1024 Stream processors operating at even higher clock rates. This leaves room for a lower-end part like the Radeon RX 550.